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Shop Review: Edge Play Supplies

Written By: Editor - Nov• 10•10

Edge play Supplies is a new online BDSM and extreme play shop. Pain Junkies have had the other to try out some of their toys and tools on willing slavegirls and test the services of Edge Play Supplies.

First of all, the shop is far from your standard generic only adult shop or BDSM outlet with massproduced whips and cuffs on the shelves…these lifestyle kinksters cater to exactly the crowd hinted in their name – the Edge Play Lovers. Now, edgeplay can be many things and as such the shop has a wide variety of hard to find equipment for extreme bdsm, bodymodification, blood play and bodyart. Theres a huge range of play piercing needles, hypodermic needle sets and needle corset sets.

edge play piercing

Edge Play Supplies doesnt stop there, unlike almost any other shop we have found, they also cater for the more extreme sadomasochists with ranges of branding irons, scalpels and skin staplers readily available.

The edge play features ready made Play Piercing Kits and Play Piercing Needles (stainless stell Hypodermic Needles) as well as aftercare products, Sharps Containers and Gloves. But it doesnt stop there, theres a range of branding Irons, Skin Staplers and Meat Suspension Hooks if you wanna take the games to severe with your beloved submissive. Oh and of course, dont go without Scalpels and Body piercing needles if you are into the smell of streaming blood and sweet jewellery.

edge play piercing

Our experience shopping with Edge Play and testing their products on slavegirls and pain junkies was extremely positive. The customer service is swift and flexible, the delivery fast and smooth and most importantly, the products are top notch qualitywise, which is very rare for such hard to find items – and incredibly important when exploring the outer edges of BDSM.

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