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Skinny Chick Craving Needle Sex

Written By: painjunkies - Mar• 28•11

The Master is in and this time he is in a really bad mood he needs someone to inflict some pain on. Lucky for him his patient today is none other then the very skinny but very naughty Wynter she is always up for a good round of Needle torture and shows everyone how it should be done. Wynter is a natural with a needle I haven’t seen many women who can take a needle inside them like this blonde girl can, it seems that Wynter likes to become one with the Needle and tells me that she doesn’t feel much pain it’s more pleasure then anything and if I wasn’t to I can take things up a level or two and spank her pussy while I jam her with razor sharp needles.

Its always nice when you have a girl that is so willing to be Tortured they make the BDSM Porn so much more fun, Now after working on this bitch for what seemed like forever I knew she was getting to the point of no return she was sweating lots and you could pretty much hear her pussy begging for some attention so it must be time to give it a nice little spanking or to why not come and watch it happen? just click here.

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