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Crying Emily Getting Spanked Hardcore

Written By: painjunkies - Jun• 08•11

Emily Sharpe, if you haven’t seen this fetish girl in action before well you are in for a real treat today because this english babe is in for some hardcore punishment from her nasty master. Emily loves her spanking fetish so when her Master asked her if she would be up for a hardcore session, she wasn’t going to say no. He took her into a room that had tons of Chairs in it and told Emily to choose a Chair and stand next to it, she didn’t take long to make up her mind, and then she was told to get her clothes off and stand there totally naked, well she was allowed to leave her stockings on.

Crying Emily Getting Spanked Hardcore

The Master told this babe to spread her legs, and just as she did that she felt his cold hand on her exposed ass, he wasn’t doing this to be nice oh no, he was just making sure that was the place he wanted to start the punishment first. Once he was happy with his choice, he told her to hold on and enjoy the ride, and with that he spanked this babe’s ass with all his might, he was really going at her hardcore and even with her constant crying, he was slowing down tearing this innocent girl’s ass apart. Come and see the full fetish movie of the action now it’s totally awesome click here now.

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