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Chubby fetish babe lashed with a whip

Written By: painjunkies - Mar• 01•12

Rosie is a cute amateur babe that likes to expose her body to various fetish sex acts, and her master seems to think this babe would love some boobie action today so thats just what he is going to give her. This babe is wearing nothing but a pair of stockings, her tits are all exposed and thats just how he wants it. He ties this babes hands up and puts them in the air, he then stands right in front of this girl just checking out her naked body, and then he decides to go for it. He lashes her smooth body with his whip and seems to really enjoy giving this chubby babe some hot fetish.

Chubby fetish babe lashed with a whip

He decides to give her boobs a rest for just a minute as he takes some punishment to her chest, you can see the look of pain on this girls face she is really getting it hardcore but thats just how this slut likes it. Her master goes back to whipping her boobs now and seems very focused on making sure her nipples also take some bizarre fetish action. This btich hasn’t had a sweet workout like this in ages and she is fucking loving it, come and see the full movie of this slave girl in action click here.

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