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Fish net stockings and rope fetish

Written By: painjunkies - Jul• 14•12

This sexy looking fetish babe is about to get a nice surprise from her hunky man, he has plans for her hot body right now and even if she isn’t in the mood for it he is. She walks into the room and right away he tells this brunette girl to take her clothes off, she obeys him and stands there in her hot red fish net stockings. She has a tender looking body on her and you know it’s going to be so fucking hot to watch this girl getting punished, her master gives her an idea of his plans as he takes out some rope and puts it over his shoulder.

Fish net stockings and rope fetish

He then takes this girl by the hair and pushes her head down, he then rips her top apart and exposes those perky tits of hers. Taking hold of her hands he quickly bounds them together high above her head. He then starts to get some action going on this babe as he takes out his black whip and smashes her body with it. He isn’t going to stop making his girl suffer, well not until he is happy with how much she screams! Come and join in the action and watch this babe taking it hardcore now click here.

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