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Flogging / Whipping

Written By: Editor - Jan• 25•16


Flogging is an act of whipping the human body with a whip, thongs, or flexible rod, or any other objects of the same type.

In torture, flogging is often a preliminary to other tortures. The number of strokes is generally very high. If inflicted blows are too many, they can lead to death.

The whip was used by all civilizations and is still used in some Islamic countries.

The Romans used a whip blunt (flagra), formed strips equipped with a lead H and ossicles sharpened. Most prisoners succumbed within 50 strokes of the instrument.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, caning, flogging with a tarred rope, was a frequently practiced in prisons and during slavery punishment.

Flagellation is sometimes used as part of perverse relationships (in the literal sense), inducing physical and psychological gratification, which can be equated with abuse.


In the Christian religion, flogging is a powerful symbol because the torture was used by the Romans in Jesus Christ before his crucifixion.

In the Middle Ages, some excesses were noted: groups of “flagellants” were formed, inflicting discipline marching through the streets. But these “flagellants” were condemned by the Catholic Church because the first rule of penance is to be discreet and even secret. They believed that flogging was a way to purify themselves to enter the divine kingdom on Earth would happen after the Apocalypse.

In BDSM relationships, flogging is a strong symbol for domination of the person doing it. Flogging is almost always practiced in a light way, so as not to seriously injure the person receiving the blows.

The flagellated person plays the role of subject. It provides the parts of his body that he ‘calls’ his ‘master’.

Sexual arousal associated with the situation involves exhibitionism, voyeurism, fetishism and sadomasochism.

Wisely dosed physical stimulation of certain sensitive areas (breasts, buttocks, perineum, sex, etc.) may lead some people to orgasm.

Sometimes the subject person can be attached (handcuffs, bondage, and sometimes on very special furniture (pommel horse, Cross of St. Andrew … knowing that the mood is often an integral part of the “ceremony”).


Objects used

Multiple objects can be used to flog a person (here a non-exhaustive list): whip, whip, fag, cane, belt, tree branch and of course, a whip.
Often in BDSM relationships, purpose flogging or in a specific material (latex, feathers, leather, etc.).

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