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Lesbian Slave Girl Dominated By Mistress

Written By: painjunkies - Aug• 19•11

Mistress Natasha couldn’t resist giving her sexy slave girl Lene a taste of her Humiliation fetish so when Lene asked her to show her what’s it is like to experience her unique blend of lesbian fetish, she couldn’t resist saying no. Natasha took her down into her dungeon and strapped her almost naked body to the table. She made sure she was totally restrained and then started her Bizarre lesbian torture acts on her exposed body. Lene didn’t really know what to expect as it was her first time with a Lesbian Master, but she knew it was going to be full of fun and pain, so she was going to enjoy it either way.

Lesbian Slave Girl Dominated By Mistress

The Mistress takes out her black whip and gives her Lesbian slave’s body a nice workout with it. Lene does her best to endure the hardcore whipping her Mistress is giving her. Next she takes some clamps and sadistically places them on the side of her chest where she knows it is going to hurt the most, poor Lene has to lay there while this BDSM Mistress laughs as she tortures her exposed body. There is lots more the Mistress is planning for this inexperienced lesbian babe come and watch the action now just click here.

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