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Amateur fetish needle pain

Written By: painjunkies - Mar• 22•12

This hot amateur fetish babe is in for a sweet workout today as her master gives her body some awesome needle torture. He has her lay down on this table and then blindfolds her, now that she can’t see what is going on the action gets underway. Her master takes a needle and with her exposed feet her decides that’s the perfect place to start his twisted fetish pleasures, he sticks one of the needles into the sole of her feet, and then without even waiting he slides a bigger needle into her big toe. He checks out her facial expressions as he continues to punish her and he seems to like the fact that this fetish babe can’t see what is going on.

Amateur fetish needle pain

He decides to move the action to the front of her body now and the first thing he notices is this girls sweeet looking tits, but with his sick desires this babes boobs are going to get a real fucking workout. He punshes a needle into her exposes nipples and then clamps her nipple together with his fetish device, this poor brunette girl lets out a scream of pain as he body continues to be punished. If you like watching hot fetish porn then you really have to see more of this awesome action, click here now and see more.

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