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Amateur fetish needle pain

This hot amateur fetish babe is in for a sweet workout today as her master gives her body some awesome needle torture. He has her lay down on this table and then blindfolds her, now that she can’t see what is going on the action gets underway. Her master takes a needle and with her […]

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hot needle fetish bdsm for mature babe

This mature fetish babe loves her sweet needle bdsm. She usually has her master give her all the needle sex, she could desire, but today she is all on her own as he is away pleasuring other babes. So she figures if she wants to give herself some action, she had better get some needles […]

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Older mature Bitch loves needle fetish

Tri isn’t your typical older bitch this babe has been around and knows how good it is to feel hardcore pain. So that’s why this fetish babe just can’t get enough of hot needle fetish, she tried it for the first time a few years ago and can’t get enough of if since. Her master […]

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