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Ravished holes

Written By: Editor - Mar• 07•13

She could not resist any more. The terrible urge seemed to take control over her brain, making her fishnet-clad body bend over and stand on her fours, her crotch sticking in the air with all possible indecency. She did not care about morals, she needed to have her cravings fulfilled. The guy did not keep her waiting for too long and plunged into her pulsating hole doggy style, making a relieving moan leave her lips.

Filthy fishnet pleasures

Written By: Editor - Feb• 28•13

With her thick heaps and divinely enticing buttocks clad in sexy fishnet fabric, this babe looks like a perfect target for some perversions. Our stud takes care of her deepest submission needs, restraining her hands and making the bitch twitch under the cock assault like a real slut that she is. The sticky splooge of the much awaited muck looks so perfect on the fine black texture of the fishnet catsuit

Pumping and pounding

Written By: Editor - Feb• 21•13

The fun goes on, and now the beauty probably regrets having fallen into the hands of the stud. He, however, does not care much, nearly crucifying her on the rack and pumping her pussy to a perfectly swollen state. Gagging the horny beauty, he then takes care of the swell with his rock hard boner. The two engage in some domination-flavored loving, reaching the peak in minutes.

Manifest Fetishclub January 5

Written By: Editor - Feb• 14•13

If youre in Copenhagen or anywhere near, consider dropping by the fantastic fetishclub Manifest  

ManiFest Maskebal & Nytårskur

Lørdag den 5 januar. Kl. 22-05

På Forbrændingen. Vognporten 11. 2620 Albertslund

Latexwalk (DE)

Optræder for første gang i

Scandinavien og præsenterer showet

“Latex-cats” på scenen samt flere

mindre happenings ude blandt


Jack Rubini (DK)

“Puppet on a string”

En grænseoverskridende dukkefører

med hans hjælpeløse dukke…

DJ Clark Kent (DE)

Fra KitKatClub i Berlin til Wasteland i

Amsterdam… Næste gang til Maskebal

i København.

DJ TygA (FR)

Fra rave i Brasilien til chill-out på

stranden i Goa… Næste gang til

Maskebal i København.

Sweet submission and nylon

Written By: Editor - Feb• 07•13

You won’t normally approach such a bombshell in the street. But this is a different case She yearns to feel your power upon herself, so this stylish stud comes and takes advantage of the situation. He gives the classy slut a real hard time spreading her limbs forcefully, sucking on her nipples and filling her with a huge rubber cock. She can only hope he will give her a chance to relieve the tension.

Crucified with cock

Written By: Editor - Jan• 31•13

Something really filthy was on his mind that day. She was lying there, almost naked, chains around her limbs. He came as a king to reign the territories of her flesh, whipping out his steel hard cock and screwing the groaning obedient girl right into the black inflatable bed. His long member seemed to have reached her heart as she was lying helpless waiting for every new thrust with desire and fear.

Rammed on a rack

Written By: Editor - Jan• 24•13

This stud does not take no for an answer. The girl felt his figure exuding threat and power but in fact nothing bad happened. She just got attached to the rack, gagged and fucked the nastiest way possible. She was slammed and slapped until her entire body was sore but her submissive mind was begging for more, so she urged her sweet tormentor to keep going.

Doing her restrained

Written By: Editor - Jan• 17•13

There is no better way to intensify the carnal pleasure other than taking control over your partner and depriving her of a chance to move. As soon as this blonde babe got chained, the guy got his fullest erection for years, which he immediately filled her mouth with. Then she gagged on his raging stiffie while her nipples and nether lips pulsated under the pressure of steel.

Playing a slut

Written By: Editor - Jan• 10•13

Role-playing got this couple really far. The girl was playing a young street hooker approached by a horny customer straight from his office. She looked so pretty and fresh and innocent that pulling up her dress, gagging her mouth for better fun and thrusting his thick raging boner inside her was a matter of seconds. She willingly sucked on his cock with her pussy lips before the shaft left her entrance and left its creamy load on the buttocks.

Suspended and fucked

Written By: Editor - Jan• 03•13

I can feel the waves of tension passing through her legs as she tries to struggle her way out of this suspension. Stupid bitch She has to understand she’s in my total control today. I slam her clamped pussy and hear a gasp leaving her mouth. I’m gonna cream this spread-up slut right now

White nylon, red flesh

Written By: Editor - Dec• 27•12

The combination of this sweet welcoming flesh and teasing white nylon would make a dead man hard no need to mention the submissive male with a black mask on his face. Despite his submissive nature he grabbed his long thick hard red boner and jackhammered it into the horny lady, nearly fucking her brains out against that wooden rack.

Tying oneself

Written By: Editor - Dec• 20•12

A person would not normally tie oneself up. But normal is way too boring, isn’t it? I love this self-inflicted movement deprivation as a way to make a conflict between two sides of my personality. I don’t make it too rough, just restraining enough, and pretend to try struggling my way out. Soon it gets too hot and I have to free my hands and take care of the moist cunt.

Pleasures in oil

Written By: Editor - Dec• 13•12

I love the way my fingers slide down my curves after I apply this sexy oil to my skin. My tight muscles feel even tighter this way. The black latex of my boots embraces my legs. I caress my sweetest bits, touching the buttocks, the nipples and slowly getting closer to the crotch. In just minutes the urge becomes unbearable and my shaking hand reaches for the dildo.

Hole-eating in suspension

Written By: Editor - Dec• 06•12

With your hands fastened above your head and legs spread wide, you are in the perfect position for some close-contact fun. You are equally helpless and accessible and by the juice your pussy starts producing I can see that this is a turn-on for you. I’ll eat your hole hard while you can’t move any of your limbs

Glitz and objects

Written By: Editor - Nov• 29•12

This sexy glossy outfit always makes me feel incredibly horny. The moment I pull these sparkling garments on, a devil wakes up inside me. There is no other way I can explain my urge to punish myself with these steel clamps and stuff. Heat builds up down my crotch and I have to tame it anyway…