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Lesbian Bondage Games

Written By: Editor - Jan• 27•16

Lesbian bondage games at with a blonde babe tied and tormented by her mistress. Strapped, tortured girls are what you will now see if scroll down the page.

160307 160311 160350 160355 160369 160386 160388 160396
They moan and plea for mercy; they’re bondaged so hardly that they can not move; they’re helpless and ready for teasing and other brutal funs. Look at them, this is just the beginning.

Flogging / Whipping

Written By: Editor - Jan• 25•16


Flogging is an act of whipping the human body with a whip, thongs, or flexible rod, or any other objects of the same type.

In torture, flogging is often a preliminary to other tortures. The number of strokes is generally very high. If inflicted blows are too many, they can lead to death.

The whip was used by all civilizations and is still used in some Islamic countries.

The Romans used a whip blunt (flagra), formed strips equipped with a lead H and ossicles sharpened. Most prisoners succumbed within 50 strokes of the instrument.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, caning, flogging with a tarred rope, was a frequently practiced in prisons and during slavery punishment.

Flagellation is sometimes used as part of perverse relationships (in the literal sense), inducing physical and psychological gratification, which can be equated with abuse.


In the Christian religion, flogging is a powerful symbol because the torture was used by the Romans in Jesus Christ before his crucifixion.

In the Middle Ages, some excesses were noted: groups of “flagellants” were formed, inflicting discipline marching through the streets. But these “flagellants” were condemned by the Catholic Church because the first rule of penance is to be discreet and even secret. They believed that flogging was a way to purify themselves to enter the divine kingdom on Earth would happen after the Apocalypse.

In BDSM relationships, flogging is a strong symbol for domination of the person doing it. Flogging is almost always practiced in a light way, so as not to seriously injure the person receiving the blows.

The flagellated person plays the role of subject. It provides the parts of his body that he ‘calls’ his ‘master’.

Sexual arousal associated with the situation involves exhibitionism, voyeurism, fetishism and sadomasochism.

Wisely dosed physical stimulation of certain sensitive areas (breasts, buttocks, perineum, sex, etc.) may lead some people to orgasm.

Sometimes the subject person can be attached (handcuffs, bondage, and sometimes on very special furniture (pommel horse, Cross of St. Andrew … knowing that the mood is often an integral part of the “ceremony”).


Objects used

Multiple objects can be used to flog a person (here a non-exhaustive list): whip, whip, fag, cane, belt, tree branch and of course, a whip.
Often in BDSM relationships, purpose flogging or in a specific material (latex, feathers, leather, etc.).

Honesty Cabellero Enslaved

Written By: Editor - Jan• 24•16

Enslaved Honesty Cabellero nipple clamped and spanked on the punishment bench in amateur bdsm footage from the dungeon of pain with Shadow Slaves. New amateur slave Honesty Cabelleros bondage and domination in the dungeon of bdsm and pain for the brunette submissive

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Faes Kinky Spanking and Blowjob

Written By: Editor - Jan• 23•16

Kinky spanking and brutal blowjob of dominated slavesex sub Fae Corbin in hardcore whipping and rough oral services to her dominant master at The Pain Files



Written By: Editor - Jan• 22•16


Sexual masochism sexual activity using suffering as a path to enjoyment.

The term was coined from the name of Count Sacher Masoch and his novel, Venus in Fur.

 screaming slave girl punished hard

Masochism is linked to sadism, sadomasochism in, and more generally to all activities that could cause suffering: torture (self) mutilation, sexual perversions, etc.

BDSM Videos and Kinks

Written By: Editor - Jan• 21•16

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BDSM Adventures

Written By: Editor - Jan• 21•16

Little Miss Chaos out of GB has come to visit us. She is a true bondage lover and a little painslut as well. Do we mind??? Not at all! Her we have tied her in a hogtie, flipped her around and uspended her from one point around the waist. To top it off, we put a gag in her mouth.

Jade is tied by her master to the strip pole in our studio. Jade has always had a fear for water in her face and now is the time to test her limits in that area. At first Don puts some nasty clamps in her pussylips and hanging a cup from the chain in between. This cup is filled with water while Jade moans in pain. Then he lays a piece of fabric across her face and pours a whole jug of water over her face. Jade is really angry at him and tries to hit him but still she loves having her limits pushed.

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This student should know that it is very stupid to fall asleep in class. Her teacher thinks its time to teach her a lesson of good school behaviour. He wakes her up and gives her a really good spanking. Lets hope she has learned a lesson!

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This pretty college student is invited over to her professors appartment to look at a paper she has handed in. They have been attracted to each other for a while and today is the day things are going to happen. The start out with a good spanking and end up with fucking and squrting.

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This strange guy has some kind of power over his asian slut. He humiliates her, puts clamps on her nipples, hot wax on her face and fucks her hard with a dildo and vibrator. And she loves it!

We have tied Kumi Monster on her back in the sofa. But not with regular hemp rope. No this time it is a string only bondage. Her feet are tied really hard while a string goes down to her nipples. Kumi was really in pain this time.

Dare / Play (BDSM) – Safety and Advice

Written By: Editor - Jan• 20•16

Orders and stripes, in the limits of each es, do not transmit any disease, but attention to cum on damaged skin. Whip games, work breasts (with or without clip) are also exquisitely painful pleasures that ensures safe when not to cause injury. For hot wax games on the penis, breasts, tongue or the anus, ordinary white candles are the best because the wax is hot enough to excite without burning.
For those who like vaginal dilation or games anus, or even the fist-fucking: these practices require calm, time and trust between partners. They are non-contaminating to the extent that / which makes ales nails flush and uses a latex glove generously lubricated to avoid weakening the anus or vagina.

What precautions to take when love uro games?

The “golden showers” on healthy skin are not contaminating with HIV, but it is better to avoid urinary emission in the mouth, vagina and anus if the shower immediately following ejaculation. The first jet may contain sperm so …

And for scat games?

As uro games, scat games without ingestion are without risk of HIV infection. Swallow however involves a risk, the more so if there are lesions of the rectal mucosa or the donor. It can also be in terms of contaminating hepatitis (including hepatitis A which is present in the stool) and other microorganisms.

What precautions to take for anal and vaginal douching?

Use only slightly warm clean water. Avoid any kind of additive. Check the tubes, pipes and other objects for insertion into the anus or vagina are free of any roughness or stops cutting (risk of injury). Make sure the items are fully cleaned and disinfected between each use and each partner.

What precautions to take when you love the spit?

Any. It’s as harmless as deep kissing, the concentration below cause contamination. It is against prudent to be vaccinated against Hepatitis-e B.

And when one loves getting cum on sex, mouth, face or any other part of the body?

This practice, widespread in imaging X films, needs great skill to prevent sperm from spreading and reaches inside the gender or mouth. Also avoid contact with eyes, it’s very painful, but dare to play with the rest of your body.

And if, by chance during a pleasure to many, we meet air free sperm and secretion?

Everything depends on the environment or context. If the air is dry, if it is very hot, so it’s just a small trace of sperm which has dried quickly, HIV will die quickly. If it’s a big spot of blood or sperm, and if the environment is humid, it will survive longer. Anyway, we know that HIV has a limited life in the open air; despite everything, it is prudent to avoid contact with mucous membranes. So do not ask your sex, your sex anywhere …

And if the piercing tempt me?

The extent of the body is large, imagination too. It should ensure that the piercing jewelry are well surgical steel or gold to prevent allergy or infection. During the period of healing is best to avoid contact with potentially infectious fluids.

And if the tattoo tempting me?

Contact specialists that will guarantee you a perfect hygiene of the premises and the use of a single use or sterilized equipment. As to the drawings and their location, only in your imagination sets the limits.

And shaving?

Some people like shaving the private parts; again, if shaving is part of sex play, watch, skin, if irritation or micro lesion can become a gateway to viruses.

Amateur Damsels In Distress

Written By: Editor - Jan• 16•16

Anna and Jenny bound and dominated, gagged and hogtied for the submissives sexual pleasure – Amateur Damsels In Distress – Jenny and Anna Tied Up. Anna and Jenny bound and dominated, gagged and hogtied for the submissives sexual pleasures of being restrained, helpless and under the control of their dominants. Two private submissives tied up and nipple clamped in kinky fetish games in the dungeon. Real life amateur bondage of Jenny and Anna. The struggling damsels in distress are hogtied and gagged, put in armbinder bondage and clamped on their nipples

damsels,bondage,tied – Anna and Jenny in rope bondage Anna and Jenny bound and dominated, gagged and hogtied for the submissives sexual pleasures of being restrained, helpless and under the control of their dominants. Two private submissives tied up and nipple clamped in kinky fetish games in the dungeon. Real life amateur bondage of Jenny and Anna – Amateur Damsels In Distress


Written By: Editor - Jan• 11•16


Bondage (from the English verb to bind, link) is an erotic practice of force, one way or another, his / her partner. The bondage of forcing the body in its entirety or in part, usually with ropes and gags, but also to tape, straps, chains, or any other utensil adapted to exert a grip on or part (s) of the body concerned (s). The motion of the partner is not necessarily the goal. Thus speak bondage arms, legs, chest / breast, size, and so on.

This particular form of sexuality is often mistakenly equated with sadomasochism, while these are two distinct practices. The fundamental difference is that in pure bondage, coercion is a goal in itself, often aesthetic (but not only), while in sadomasochism this is a simple, one tool among many other. Moreover, in the pure bondage, we do not find the concepts of dominant / teacher dominated / subject / slave humiliation / bondage, etc., specific to sadomasochism. Bondage should be considered as an erotic practice in itself, which is generally sufficient to itself.

latinabondage03 colombian-bondage-03

In Japan, the practice comes in the name of Shibari or Kinbaku; it is part of a tradition both historical and artistic.

It is established that the modern bondage draws heavily rooted in Japanese society, where the use of the rope in any form dates at least the fifteenth century, including the Kinbaku, corporal punishment. The samurai could not be hindered by a specialist, the nawashi.

Fifteenth century-1560: The bloody Shinkoku period or the reign of Tokugawa
At that time, Japanese society lived a period of dark and tortuous war under a reign of dictatorship that would last until 1560. Under the Tokugawa rule in 1542 Rope based was decreed for a criminal code system with 4 degrees of torture. The first stage was to use the rope to whip or flog, the second was to attach a stone piece and use it as a mace, the third was to create pressure points inflicting serious sequelae and irreversible, and finally the fourth was the suspension that could sometimes last for days. In the last three degrees, after the punishment was usually death.

Kinky shadow slave girl tortured Hardcore rope fetish for this shocking blonde

These cruel and barbaric methods were completed in conjunction with the wars around 1560. The use of rope as a torture tool has never occurred since. However, many of these techniques are the basis for the modern use of the rope in its most common forms under the erotic bondage.

1600-1878: Edo period
after the bloody period Shinkoku, a technique called Hojo-jutsu or hobaku-jutsu was developed. The hobaku-jutsu was a very special martial art used to catch and hold criminals or prisoners. A precise technique for the use of rope to tie and force a prisoner has emerged. Each village had its own method.

A criminal / prisoner could not be attached / suspended in public, and any observer could tell by the way the criminal or the prisoner was attached / suspended rope and the model used, what was the social class of the criminal / prisoner the crime he had committed, and sometimes also the age and profession of the victim.

The use of rope as an erotic form is very blurred during this period, and we found no written clearly we can learn about its use.

Bizzare Indian Babe Electro Shocked

At the end of the Edo period, some Japanese erotic images have emerged, where the use of the rope is finally represented. If this erotic use have existed before, it is known at least in any historical sense: only stories or legends mention it.

Modern art rope games is not cruel, let alone a practice of torture as well, unfortunately we have the videos. It is consensual, with clearly defined borders. Today there are two great schools, both antagonistic and complementary: Western school (bondage), originally based on Eastern School (Shibari), has developed its own technology and its own aesthetics. Today it is the most widespread, except in Japan, of course.

Anecdotally, modern Japanese police officers always carry a piece of rope on their uniform.

Busty Pain slut

Bondage is primarily a relationship of trust between the person who attaches (the bondageur / the bondageuse) and person attached (the bondagette / bondage). The responsibility (and life) of the attached person is at all times in the hands of the person who attaches. If you are that person, keep in mind that as long as your partner starts voluntarily in your hands to be attached (e), you have responsibility, his guard, and you first need to honor that confidence.

Several serious accidents related to bondage are recorded every year. Never forget the following basic safety rules:

Never leave a person tied up (or chained) alone, unsupervised. If you practice alone, a number of additional rules are described in the documents relating to self-bondage;
More importantly, never leave alone, not even for a moment, a bound and gagged person. Accidental suffocation are very rare but they can occur very quickly;
Do not spend rope around his neck. The risk of strangulation is much too large;
Keep a way to undo the ropes quickly. Scissors, knife, and / or rapid nodes. Particularly in the torso, joints and certain sensitive areas, to avoid tourniquets;
Prevent the risk of falls and strangulation. An immobilized person doing a fall back (with his chair, for example) may break the neck;
The “suspensions” require a lot of control. Do not practice if you are beginner,
Never use nooses! Always use nodes that do not slip. Avoid nodes called “pigtail” that slide (the shoelaces of the node). Would their flat node.
The length of the sessions varies, from a few minutes (strict positions and / or person attached beginner) to several hours straight (easier to hold and / or experienced person attached positions). In any case, do not take unnecessary risks, and remember to regularly hydrate the person attached.

Pictures, videos and texts of fiction that one can find on the Internet are chosen for their aesthetic and / or impact.The positions are usually real, but they are often more complicated to make than it looks, and can not always be simply reproduced and / or without risks. Do not you risk it if you are beginner.

People who are getting erotic tie, find it for different reasons:

The reason most often cited or at least claimed, is a release of inhibitions and responsibilities, to the extent that the people tied to a certain extent, given the keys to their position to third. This can be called an erotic power exchange (in English: “erotic power exchange”).
Some people enjoy the physical sensation of stress, feelings, pressure ropes, unable to break free despite efforts.These same people very rarely appreciate the burning / pain caused by friction / bite the rope.
You can love the feeling of powerlessness linked to desperate attempts to break his bonds (links, chains or bracelets), especially being stimulated ( e), or sexually sensually. Recall that the practice of bondage does not necessarily imply sexual contact between partners.
Other people enjoy RPGs on diverse and varied themes (thief / kidnapper and victim / hostage, doctor and patient (e), police and prisoner (AD), wizard (do) and assistant (s) …).
More rarely, some people experience a pleasure from the “endangered” symbolic (like bungee jumping and climbing) . These people enjoy the adrenaline caused by potentiellements dangerous situations, and naturally guide the bondage to such situations and even degradation. This category is small.
Or simply, as a complement “spicy” sexual practices, to try!
Some additional reasons:

As a complement to a given fetishism (fetishism of materials such as leather, latex or vinyl, fetish lingerie, stockings, heels, etc.). The geometry formed by the bondage of lines on the body allows here to highlight such and such holding any particular fetish accessory.
And finally, people may like being tied to complement sado-masochistic practices we n ‘ discuss not here.

To give pleasure to his / her partner, and the stimuli generated by the pleasure of his / her partner; This is by far the most common cases and profitable for both partners.
For the geometry of the forms, the aesthetic aspect of the topic, links and the environment (see the work of “Midori” Michael and his Blue photographer for example)
for erotic submission of his / her partner.
For control and power caused by the “endangerment” of his / her partner attached (e). For this category of people, it is their only motivation, it is possible that they have some difficulties to cause the enjoyment of the game in their partners.
Finally, as a complement to other sadomasochistic practices.
For that pleasure is shared, it is essential that the person who is constantly attached to listening to his / her partner.A bondageur / a bondageuse being tuned as his own pleasure rarely provide shared pleasure, like many “pseudo-bondageurs” that can be found through clubs and websites private.

In France, the first evidence of bondage are cyanotypes (ancestor of photography, blue) Jeandel Charles (1859-1942), a notable Angoulême. These pictures are kept at the Musée d’Orsay. They were identified thanks to the work of Helene Pinet in the 1990s, which recognized portions of a canvas Jeandel on clichés (Reversals of idol Serapis, 1889 exposed for mayor of Angoulême).

Among the great inspirers of the bondage of the twentieth century include John Willie (Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline) and Eric Stanton.

Include also English illustrator John Blake, as the Nawashi Murakawa, Japanese Akechi Denki Akechi and his assistant Enka (Shizuka Aoi real name), the photographer Araki, the designer Richard Laillier and French String in Tonton 1970.

The most famous contemporary bondageurs are mainly American (requires internet). They are for most of the references in terms of aesthetics and innovation. There may be mentioned Jim Weathers (aka The Weatherman), the late Cory Thompson (aka Mr. T), Jay Edwards, Dominic Wolfe, Jon Woods, Lew Rubens, etc. And one woman in particular: the famous Lorelei (aka Kristine Imboch), for all of his work and his contribution to the democratization of bondage.

Kinky Gynecological Examination

Written By: Editor - Dec• 21•15

This beautiful blonde was coming for a routine gynecological examination and is left to the nurse – a beautiful blonde in gown very sexy – who told her that the doctor was away for a few days and it replaced it.

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She stretches her totally naked patient and begins to insert her various instruments into the vagina or anus and then continues with a tube will offer an enema – to hospital costs 🙂 – the brunette a bit taken aback but did not dare protest, it is necessary for the future. For indeed, after these reviews (or touching you call it what you like) she will take with her ​​strap-on and beautiful nurse does not regain her vibrator while gross.

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These doctors give more than just an examination! After jamming in their medical tools, instruments and enemas, they complete the appointment with a deep dose of dick and a cum sedative! Enema Desires tells a story of a woman (Dia Zerva) who finds herself needing to piss but ends up getting more than she bargained for. After relieving herself, she finds an enema bottle & decides to try it out.

Pig humiliation and bizarre domination

Written By: Editor - Nov• 01•13

Merciless pig humiliation and bizarre domination of electro punished messy slavegirl in bodywriting degradation and intense cattleprod pain. Bizarre electro pain and extreme messy humiliation of british bdsm slavegirl Emma Louise. The crying submissive is electro shock tormented with the cattle prod at, is covered in mud and dirt, has degrading body writing covering her once so delicious body and rubber bands distorting her face.

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Emma Louise likes it rough and extreme – and she gets a thorough dosis of pure pain and extreme Hells Inferno humiliation

Teen Breast Whipping Torture

Written By: Editor - Oct• 26•13

Sexy spanking and punishments of a debutant slave girl in hardcore pain, bondage and boobie whipped – Teen Breast Whipping Torture – Sexy spanking and punishments of a debutant slave girl in hardcore pain, bondage and boobie whipping. Suffering submissive Kami is whipped on her tits, waxed and bruised by her master. Real amateur teen sadomasochism with Kami

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Faes Rough Slavesex Submission

Written By: Editor - Oct• 20•13

Rough sexslave submission and spanked blowjobs of hardcore masochist Fae Corbin giving servile sex – Rough Slavesex Submission – Rough sexslave submission and spanked blowjobs of hardcore masochist Fae Corbin giving servile sexual service to her master whilst being whipped on her bruised bottom and back at ThePainFiles.comand humiliating blowjobs of english sex slave Fae Corbin featuring in the “White Trash” sado maso movie release in high definition from The Pain Files. Pain, punishment and hardcore cock sucking of enslaved Fae Corbin is just part of her sexslave tasks.

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Outdoor japanese bondage

Written By: Editor - Aug• 10•13

Outdoor japanese bondage at featuring teen slave girl Michiko in crucified bondage and hot waxing tortures by her oriental master

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